Do your reps have the right accounts to be productive and reach sales quota?

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A lot of well-meaning SDR leaders set their SDRs up to fail. It's often not due to enablement, contact data or sales engagement tools. 

It's also not because reps aren't putting in the work. Most reps work hard to do the right thing.

It comes down to a misguided idea about measuring the ratio of *activity* to meeting sets when what we're really doing is turning *accounts* in meetings.

A high required book productivity rate means that, every month, the reps' accounts need to be high-fit and high-timing or they'll struggle.

We built a spreadsheet to model productivity based on territory size, accounts worked, sales quota, and more. Get it here, free!


Watch this short video for more information about how to fill out this spreadsheet and what you can learn.

What is book productivity?

We think of that as the "book productivity rate" - i.e. the percent of accounts an SDR needs to turn into meetings to hit sales quota.

When you pair this book productivity rate with an activity-based capacity model, you can get a clearer view of what you're actually asking your reps to do to succeed. If they're doing the right things and still not getting close to their number, then maybe it has to do with the accounts they're working.

The book productivity rate helps you think about whether or not your reps have the quantity and type of accounts they need to succeed at the rate you're asking them to perform.

Thinking about moving from static territories to a more dynamic model?

Gradient Works software provides dynamic book management so every rep has a fair allocation of accounts and a real opportunity to succeed. For inbound and outbound and every combination.