Better rules of engagement for increased pipeline? Learn how.

How do you focus your sales team to increase productivity and pipeline? 

Start with account coverage. Make sure reps are working the right accounts at the right time, all the time. 

To build efficient, dynamic books for reps, you need clear rules about who owns which accounts when. That's where our new rules of engagement guide comes in.

Everything you need to be sure your sales team is clear and focused, so you can hit your targets, even now.

Who owns which accounts when? It matters. A lot. 

Pipeline generation starts with account coverage. After all, you can't book a meeting with an account you never talk to.

How sales teams deploy their quota capacity is an untapped source of rep productivity. Instead of spraying and praying in large territories, reps should be laser-focused on the highest potential accounts in their market at all times. That approach to sales is what we call dynamic books, and it’s a flexible alternative to traditional static sales territories.

In this new guide, learn how clear and thorough rules of engagement are necessary for a dynamic books approach, and get everything you need to create new ROE, or just improve on the ones you already have. 

Territories are inefficient. Books are better.

A dynamic books model is a better, more responsive approach to building productive books of business.