Create more opportunities with book management from Gradient Works

Move from static territories to dynamic books

Make sure the right rep takes the right action with the right account at the right time, across the customer lifecycle. That includes automated lead routing and accurate lead-to-account matching, alongside equitable account distribution and continuous book balancing. 

  • Inbound acceleration: Quickly turn inbound leads into qualified opportunities
  • Outbound efficiency: Increase connect rate and book more meetings
  • Allbound excellence: Ensure every high potential account is the hands of the right rep at the right time

Increase attainment across your sales team with book management software from Gradient Works.

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"Gradient Works has quickly become an essential part of our sales and marketing tech stack. We’ve been able to transition to an ABM model and now use Gradient Works to assign hundreds of leads a week."

-David Cardiel, VP Growth Marketing at Wordpress VIP 

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No rep left behind with dynamic quota coverage

  • Gradient Works software includes lead routing, lead to account matching, account distribution and more, built for inbound and outbound teams.
  • Our product gives you flexibility, so you can make the previously impossible possible. Eliminate complex or manual workarounds.
  • We integrate with your existing sales tech stack, working seamlessly with tools like Slack, Outreach, Salesloft and more.
  • We allow you to build automations directly in Salesforce Flow

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