Lead routing

Sales organizations love inbound leads. Someone wants to know more about your product right now. So of course you want to get back to them right away - we all know how important response time is.

Inbound leads are messy

You may not have much information about a new lead. You need lead-to-account matching to know if that lead is associated with an existing account.

And you have to route that lead to the right rep based on all your team’s assignment rules - like territories, market segments, rules of engagement, and more. More than that, you have to route it quickly.

Because you’re usually dealing with higher volumes, a need for speed, and information complexity, you need an intelligent, automated process to be sure inbound leads are sent to the right rep quickly.

Inbounds to BDRs

Lead-to-account matching 

Sales leaders need to be sure a new inbound lead isn’t related to an existing customer or prospect account. Every new lead must be evaluated against existing accounts through a lead-to-account matching process.

Messy CRM data contributes to sales collisions, process delays, and even lost revenue. You need to be able to quickly match new leads to accounts and route them to the right sales rep. 

Since leads tend to be the highest volume of assignments in your funnel, and every second counts, you need to automate your routing, particularly with matching. 

Gradient Works Assignment includes intelligent lead-to-account matching, ensuring new leads are matched to existing accounts when appropriate. 

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Lead qualification

For most companies, you probably need to qualify a new lead before pursuing it as a serious sales lead. Those leads are typically routed - or assigned - to a business development rep (BDR) for further qualification to decide if this lead is a good fit for a more in-depth new business conversation.

The process of determining how likely a new lead or prospect is to convert to a paying customer. This can be done automatically, with lead scoring based on fit with a set of predetermined criteria, or manually, with a person in sales or marketing determining a lead’s fit. Leads are generally qualified by marketing (MQLs), sales (SQLs), or product usage (PQLs).

Once you've qualified a lead and are ready to schedule a meeting with a sales rep, you'll need to assign it to an account executive.

Lead routing for the future of your business

Gradient Works Assignment can handle all of your inbound lead routing needs. Working directly with your Salesforce, our technology can route every inbound lead to the right rep in seconds, ensuring you always connect to a prospect quickly. Our lead-to-account matching uses a number of intelligent matching criteria to ensure new leads are matched to existing accounts when appropriate.

Make sure every new lead is sent to the right rep based on your assignment rules. Never drop another new lead on the floor again.

More than just lead routing

Gradient Works can assign opportunities, accounts, new customers, renewals, and so much more - for every handoff throughout your entire customer lifecycle.