Customer account ownership

Whether you have account managers, customer success managers, or both, the long-term success of your customer relationships depends a lot on who owns those relationships, and how that ownership is assigned throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer account ownership matters

Ownership of customer accounts is closely connected to customer experience and ultimately, retention. How do you decide who owns which accounts? How do you assign new customers to AMs? 

Most companies don’t think about automating account manager and customer success manager assignments because they just don’t have very many. Even the companies using an automated lead routing tool rely on spreadsheets when it comes to customer teams. 

But manual assignment processes are inconsistent, and there’s a lot of room for error. Even simple judgement calls on which AMs and CSMs get which accounts will lead to varying results and book inequality. Further, manual processes don’t scale. What happens when you have twice as many new customers next year?

AEs to AMs

Managing AM and CSM books

Your customer teams probably have a book of accounts that’s allocated (or reallocated) once a year. But AM books aren’t static - they’re going to change frequently as customers churn out, new customers are onboarded, and existing customers change account owners. 

How do you determine which accounts are assigned to which reps? Territories, market segments, a simple round robin? 

Regardless, you need to divvy up rep books fairly. Capacity and load balancing are extremely important. Ultimately, AM/CSM books will get out of balance over the course of the year. And if rep compensation is based on quota capacity and balanced books, you’re risking compensation inequality and unhappy employees.

Gradient Works Assignment includes full customer lifecycle automated assignment - including AM and CSM account assignments. 

Asset audit history

Onboarding impacts retention

A new customer's onboarding experience has a huge impact on everything that follows, including that customer's likelihood to renew their contract with your company.

So if your onboarding experience is slow, bumpy, or confusing to your customer, they may not be your customer for very long. Onboarding is directly correlated to customer experience, so the smoother the onboarding, the better the customer experience. How do you assign an implementation or onboarding rep? How long do new customers have to wait to get started? How do you balance rep capacity?

Improving onboarding increases your customer's time-to-value, so it's worth the time to fix it.

Routing and assignment for your entire customer lifecycle

Gradient Works Assignment can handle all of your customer assignment needs - from inbound lead to customer retention. Working directly with your Salesforce, our technology can route every account to the right rep in seconds, ensuring you always connect quickly with your customers. 

Ownership of customer accounts matters to your company's bottom line. See how you can improve. 

More than just lead routing

Gradient Works can assign opportunities, accounts, new customers, renewals, and so much more - for every handoff throughout your entire customer lifecycle.