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Accelerate your outbound prospecting with dynamic quota coverage to focus on the accounts with the highest potential. 

60% of sales orgs don't correctly prioritize prospecting 

Connecting prospects to BDRs

Most SDR teams deliver less than half of their company's sales pipeline. If you can optimize your outbound prospecting, you'll increase attainment. This is where Gradient Works comes in. 

  • Identify and assign high potential accounts automatically

  • Optimize every rep's book of accounts for quota coverage

  • Prioritize accounts based on potential, including fit and timing

  • Report quickly on account activity and outcomes

Gradient Works customers book more meetings, touch more accounts, connect with more prospects, and save reps more time. You could too.

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Account allocation doesn't have to be complicated

Surface accounts with the highest potential and assign them to the right rep at the right time. Redistribute old accounts when they're ready to buy, increase demo sets, and reduce ops time on manual account distribution. 

Gradient Works goes beyond simple round robin to dynamically and continuously balance your reps’ books to ensure your reps are working better leads and no account is left behind when they're ready to buy.

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Dashboard in Gradient Works

Set up your reps for success 

Automate, balance and manage each rep's assignments for maximum productivity and increased quota attainment. Gradient Works customers: 

  • Set more qualified meetings
  • Save SDRs time on prospecting so they can focus on working high-priority accounts
  • Reduce ops time spent on manual distribution
  • Improve team morale because reps feel like they're getting more productive leads


Increase productivity with prioritization

Using fit and timing signals, you can ensure that your reps are engaging with the right accounts at the right time.

Gradient Works dynamically assigns accounts based on timing-related intent signals from your CRM to help reps prioritize what accounts to actively prospect now.

Gradient Works Dashboard

Quickly track outcomes

Report on outcomes and account activity to increase rep attainment, fill gaps in books, and coach reps on how to improve.

As your team scales, ramp up new hires and make strategy changes immediately following your rules of engagement. 

Integrations with the tools you already use

We now offer easier integration with the rest of your tech stack, the tools your reps live in every day. That includes new integrations with Slack, Outreach, Salesloft, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. Use Gradient Works to: 

  • Create a follow-up task in Salesforce 
  • Enroll prospects in an engagement cadences in Outreach and Salesloft
  • Send a Slack notification when a lead is assigned
  • Schedule meetings in Google Calendar or Microsoft 365
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“We’ve automated our distribution process with Gradient Works, which has been instrumental to scaling our sales organization for the next stage of our company’s growth.”

-Brandon Smith, Revenue Operations Manager, QuotaPath

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More than just outbound

Make sure every rep is productive by automating inbound lead routing and outbound account distribution from Gradient Works. Prioritize your book of business to increase attainment from your team.