Gradient Works integrations

Learn more about the tools we currently integrate with and what's on the roadmap. 

Working with the tools your sales team uses every day

Gradient Works is a managed package delivered in Salesforce. We integrate with a number of the sales tools your team uses today. 

Gradient Works integrations

Current Gradient Works integrations

Here are the third-party tools our software currently integrates with. Are you interested in something that isn't listed here? Let us know!



Gradient Works integrates with Outreach to automatically enroll prospects in engagement sequences. 



Easily enroll prospects in Salesloft cadences with Gradient Works automations. 

slack logo


Connect Gradient Works to your Slack instance to send notifications when a new lead or account is assigned, or any object changes status in Salesforce. 

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Google Calendar

Automatically schedule meetings with reps using our Book It Live scheduling and Google Calendar integration. 


Microsoft 365

If your team uses Microsoft, reps can schedule meetings instantly with our Microsoft 365 calendar integration. 

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Is your team using Groove for sales productivity? We're planning to add this integration soon, so let our sales team know you're interested. 



We're thinking about adding a ZoomInfo integration soon, so let our sales team know you're interested. 



Does 6sense power your team's ABM efforts? We're planning an integration with 6sense soon. Let our sales team know you're interested. 

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