2023 Dynamic Books Customer Summit 

Thank you for attending our first-ever dynamic books summit! Because of your support and participation, the event was a huge success. Below are videos of the sessions, as well as other materials from the event. 

Keynote: Driving efficiency through dynamic books

"What keeps me up at night: Are my reps working on the right accounts? In the right markets? Do we have enough coverage? Are my reps given the right opportunity and the equal opportunity to succeed?"

Watch as Emilia Meldrum-Taylor, CRO at Quantive, and Kevin McKeown, CRO at Beekeeper, share why they've moved their teams to dynamic books.

Operations focus: Implementing dynamic books

Listen as Andrew de Geofroy, SVP Global Revenue Platform at Quantive, and Britton Quinn, Sr. Director RevOps at Center, discuss the ops perspective of dynamic books, including: 

  • Thinking about supply and demand
  • Simplifying rules of engagement
  • Changing the relationship between BDRs and AEs
  • Pods vs pools
  • Reps returning accounts to the system
  • Rolling out dynamic books
  • Coming to terms with your biases and expectations

Sales manager workshop: Rolling out dynamic books to reps

A hands-on workshop with info on how to deal with common rep questions and real examples of using Bookbuilder to help reps improve

You can access the resources mentioned here: