Generalist Engineer

Hi I'm Mando.

I'm the engineering manager at Gradient Works. My email is (I promise that domain is legit) - if, at any point while you're reading this, you have any questions or concerns or feedback please send me an email.

We're looking for a generalist software developer to join our small yet mighty engineering team. If that sounds vague that's because the position is vague. The kind of work you'll be doing on your first day may be vastly different in six months. For example, here's the kind of stuff you'd be working on if you started today:

  • AWS lambdas: gather, store, and monitor metrics
  • CloudFormation templates: support of said lambda infrastructure
  • Lightning web components (think React for Salesforce) and the supporting Apex (think Java's weird older brother that likes Guns N Roses a little too much)
  • Github actions: run our tests and build our Salesforce package (think CI, not CD)

In a couple of months we'll be expanding into things like machine learning pipelines and web applications and richer user experiences, so we're looking for someone that is interested in doing this kind of work and growing and expanding into other engineering areas. We're an early-stage company, so the person who will succeed in this role could have experience working on a small team familiar with the challenges of early-stage startup life.

All that said, this is an early-career position. You don't need to have experience in all (OR ANY) of the above to do this job. We've got some really smart and kind people who are really good at the above and they can't wait to help you learn and grow into this role. And whatever we don't know, we'll learn together. To get a better idea of what's important to us, read this.

You may notice that there's no list of bullet points listing out the requirements for this position - that's on purpose. If you've read this far and been nodding your head this whole time, send me an email. If you think "I don't know if I have the X necessary for this job but I wish I did (where X is ANYTHING)", send me an email. And ESPECIALLY if you come from a group that's not over-represented in tech (shoutout to @bryanl on twitter for helping shift my mindset and vocab around this), send me an email. We’re based in Austin, but are location agnostic and remote first.