You need sales territories built for 2023, not 1923. 

The right sales territories will make or break your attainment

Sales territories matter more to revenue growth than you might think! It's easy to overlook sales territory planning and management when you've got so many other things to worry about. But it's key to hitting your targets, especially in an unpredictable sales environment.

Bad territories: 

  • Lower rep productivity
  • Impact team morale
  • Limit revenue potential 
  • Use quota capacity inefficiently 

Good territories: 

  • Increase rep productivity and morale
  • Increase revenue potential
  • Use quota capacity efficiently
  • Adapt to changes in sales cycles

There is a better way

You don't have to keep doing sales territories the old way. 76% of companies still divide their territories up by geography! Even now, when more and more sales is inside sales, and reps travel less than ever, companies still carve sales territories up by location. 

But there's a better way - introducing dynamic book management. A new way of thinking about territories, no geography required.  

A more adaptable territory model

Gradient Works outcomes


A dynamic books approach to sales territories is agile and adaptable. It matches the highest-potential accounts in your addressable market with reps with available capacity, continuously.

This new approach eliminates the need for lengthy annual sales territory planning, and turns territory management into an automated, ongoing process. 

Reps always have balanced books, your best accounts are always being worked, and you can make the most of the team you have now.