Gradient Works Pricing



per month, paid annually
Up to 5 users
1,000 accounts*



per month, paid annually
Up to 15 users
1,000 accounts*



per month, paid annually
Unlimited users
1,000 accounts*

*What are accounts?

These are accounts in Salesforce you'll be managing with Gradient Works.
Note that this may not be every account in your CRM, just the ones distributed with our software.
Not sure how many you need? That's okay, we can help.

Additional account bundles are $100 per 1,000 accounts.


All Gradient Works plans include:

  • Full access to the Gradient Works Salesforce package, including Bookbuilder, Routing and Account Coverage
  • Assignment of any built-in or custom object
  • Adaptive round robin logic based on weight, capacity, availability
  • Lead to account matching
  • Logging, audit history and reporting
  • All dynamic book management functionality
  • New Account Coverage intel reports
  • Capacity meters
  • Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Outreach, Salesloft integrations
  • Book It Live instant scheduling
  • Salesforce Flow native in app
  • Premium onboarding and support

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"With Gradient Works we’ve been able to update our process to automatically redistribute high-potential accounts to SDRs. We've increased our meeting rate by 18% and reduced SDR and ops time spent on prospecting and manual assignment. Even team morale has improved!"

Marcos Hinojosa - Sr Manager RevOps and Business Applications, Omnipresent

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