Now Hiring: Senior Salesforce Developer

Hi, I'm Mando.

I'm the engineering manager at Gradient Works. (If at any point you have questions or feedback, do not hesitate to send me an email at - and I promise that domain is legit.)

We're looking for a Senior Salesforce Developer to join our small yet mighty engineering team. This developer has extensive experience building software on the Salesforce platform and is also looking to expand beyond the platform.

With your experience, you should be comfortable in the following areas:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Lightning, specifically LWC
  • Flow Builder
  • Apex logic and unit testing
  • Triggers and Platform Events
  • Second-generation managed packaging (2GP)
  • 3rd party REST API integrations

We expect that the perfect candidate for this role will have at least 5 years of experience as a full-time Salesforce developer and more than 2 years with most if not all of the above. We’d love to be proven wrong, but this is a senior position with senior-level expectations so please keep that in mind.

We’ve also got big plans for the future outside of Salesforce and we’ll need your help with that too. In this role, you may expect to grow in these areas and technologies (no prior experience required, but it would be cool if you had it):

  • AWS Lambda
  • Kubernetes
  • 3rd party API integrations
  • Web application development
  • Machine learning

Technical stacks aside - we are people! And we literally wrote the blog post on what kind of people we should be.

If this role sounds interesting to you, please send me an email.

We’re based in Austin, but are location agnostic and remote first.